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アンジェラ (Angella)

Fly Away with Me.

Angella. アンジェラ. Fourteen on October 18. 5 feet 5 inches. Brunette. Half Korean, half Mexican. Music is her life. Wishes she lived in Japan. Studying Japanese. Obsesses over the pretty boys of JE. In a love-hate relationship with JE. Food is a necessity. Realistic not pessimistic. Friendly in her own way. Thinks she was born in the wrong state of the U.S. Fashion is her hidden originality. Gets hyper just talking about JE. Wishes to get media attention someday.


Fashion. Eating. Drawing..but isn't great. Singing, but is horrible. Fangirling. Hard-worker. Likes to entertain. Loves animals. Awesome at wasting time. Writing. Graphics. Dancing. Reading.


JE takes over her. Chocolate tempts her. Chores are a burden. Rain changes her mood. Meat (She's a Veg). Soda is evil. Asian boys scare her with good looks. Hates typos. Is influenced easily by sexy people. Can be judgemental. Dramas makes her wish she had a love. Thinks time is either too fast or too slow. Money disappears within seconds when at a clothes store. Easily gets headaches.

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